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CERAiT Inc. is a Global Information Technology consulting firm, based in Toronto, Canada specializing in web consulting, complete web based solutions develoment, decision support systems (DSS) solutions  and custom software application development for the corporate community.

CERAiT Mobile Dash - Executive Team Mobile Dashboard Key Benefits

  • A business manager should rely on accurate and clear information in his/her decision making process. CERAiT Mobile Dash provides a powerful business control panel tool for anyone who manages business at any level. Smart phone technologies provide the possibility of making such data available virtually at any time, any place.
  • CERAiT Mobile Dash can take in business data from various existing organizational data sources and transfer them to a mobile phone or a tablet
  • Presents data in a clear, concise and useful form, allowing the manager to collect the relevant information, necessary for an easier decision making process
  • Data sources may include: databases, ERP, CRM, PM software, sensor systems, web sites and many others.If data exists in digital format, CERAiT Mobile Dash will be able to capture it and present it on your device of choice in a secure method
  • The system performs it securely anytime, anywhere
  • It can be set to notify the user visually and/or audibly of certain changes in the data, allowing for a decision to be made.

executive dashboard architecture


CERAiT Mobile Dash - Executive Team Mobile Dashboard Features 

  • Web browser smart phones browser, Android, iPhone/iPad client support
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Role based security model
  • Security integration with your existing LDAP or other authentication and authorization methods used
  • Alarm and notification features
  • User friendly, easy to navigate and administer
  • Flexible and customizable within multiple departments and project structures
  • Can be hosted on a private server or our secure environment
  • Access to all of market’s relevant databases which include relational systems such as: MS SQL server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, Firebird, MySQL
  • Support for: MS Access, text files, XML files, different ODBC drivers, and even
    Excel files.
  • Integration with SOAP web services, and other technologies such as JSON and REST.
  • SAP, PeopleSoft and ORACLE Financilas connectors available
  • Primavera and MS SQL connectors available
  • Possibility to retrieve relevant information directly from HTML pages
  • Support from any other sensor generated data format
  • Support for ActiveDirectory (LDAP) and Nagios

CERAiT Mobile Dash - Applications by Industries


Current CERAiT Mobile Dash Implementations

  • Bobar Bank, Balkan Regional Bank - remote monitoring of bank's ATM machines
  • Serbian National Institute of Physics - remote monitoring of power grid used, Cern related exploration
  • Banca Intesa- monitoring the transactions queues
  • Serbian Chamber of Commerce - remote monitoring of KPI (part of ISO 27000 certification)
  • Belit, Hotel Complex on Mountain Zlatibor - remote monitoring of the temperature in apartments
  • Dunav Insurance, Regional Insurance Company - remote control datacenter doors status (part of ISO 27000 certification)
  • Algotech, SEE Global ICT Service & Solutions Provider - sales activity monitoring (integration with SugarCRM)
  • PTT Serbia, Serbian Public Post Office Corporation - monitoring the invoice printing process (mission critical)
  • Quad, ICT services, hardware and spear parts provider - integration with Pantheon ERP, resource availability monitoring


CERAiT Mobile Dash Price

  • As every project is unique, please contact us with your specific needs. We will help you find the most optimal solution for your budget.
  • We use proven software development methodology and the best industry practices to provide you with the most suitable custom software solution in an efficient manner.
  • Our focus is to provide widely adopted, open-source-based solution, to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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