CERAiT Mobile Dash - Applications by Industries

CERAiT Mobile Dash is a powerful tool that can be used in a great number of industries such as banking, telecom, manufacturing, transport, insurance, health care, pharmaceutical, hospitality, retail and others.


In Banking CERAiT Mobile Dash provides:

  • Up-to minute data and reports from all departments
  • Well organized and detailed information about branch performance at all levels
  • Remote monitoring of bank's ATM machines
  • Ability to monitor the transactions queues
  • Critical information about analyzing risks


In Telecom industry CERAiT Mobile Dash can be used for:

  • Monitoring wireless network usage
  • Visualizing customer satisfaction metrics
  • Visualizing analysis of network traffic, helping for eliminating fraudulent activity
  • Controlling call centers
  • Providing up-to minute information about sales and demands


In manufacturing CERAiT Mobile Dash provides:

  • Visual and well organized data at the operational level
  • Reports about regional performance
  • Analysis about following the schedules and meeting deadlines
  • Visual data to see the company in real time – how people, systems and inventories travel through the supply chain
  • Powerful tool for managing multiple factories


In Transport CERAiT Mobile Dash is a powerful tool for:

  • Following the whole process from picking ups to delivering
  • Analyzing and optimizing shipping routes
  • Following driver hours
  • Following the claims
  • Isolating problems in shipping and billing system
  • Providing reports to see quality issues by location, reasons and employees
  • Following the safety inspections on vehicles and safety trainings for staff


In Insurance industry CERAiT Mobile Dash provides:

  • Reports about your sales and claims across various products and regions
  • Up - to date information from call centers by product, region and service
  • Up-to minute data for business transaction management
  • Incorporated data from different sources for improving decision making process


In health care CERAiT Mobile Dash provides:

  • Detailed information about patient’s profile
  • Integrated data about patient’s claims and rejections
  • Reports about services – wait time and patient satisfaction
  • Demographic information for long term planning and investments


In pharmaceutical industry CERAiT Mobile Dash gives:

  • Map of sales by region, brand and product
  • Analysis about the performance of new brands
  • Detailed data about manufacturing and quality control
  • Detailed information about customer complaints


In hospitality CERAiT Mobile Dash gives the abilities for:

  •  Cheking occupancy and e-reservations just with on click on a smartphone
  •  Remote monitoring of the temperature in the apartments
  •  Analyzing information from internet from online reviews


In retail industry CERAiT Mobile Dash provides:

  • Ability to monitor daily sales activity by product and store
  • Opportunity easy to follow sales and payroll data while off-site
  • Options for analyzing customer opinion surveys and sales data
  • Ability to analyze web traffic in on line sales


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