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Mobile Devices Triumph in Web

Every year new types of smart mobile devices appear generating an increasing mobile traffic growth. Just from 2012 to 2013 over 500 million new connections were added, making 7 billion in total, with an estimation of 10.2 billion connections in 2018. The number of mobile devices and connections will increase the fastest in North America and Western Europe.

3D Graphics and Gaming on Mobile Devices

Mobile graphics performances have been rapidly increasing in last couple of years. Gaming, as the largest area of 3D graphics application, is one of the fastest-growing usage categories in mobile, with huge growth seen in iOS and Android platforms. In particular, social mobile gaming, enabled by always-connected smartphones and the "freemium" revenue model, is particularly strong.

Mobile trends of 2013

At the beginning of 2013 this year was marked as the Year of Mobile and a lot of predictions of incoming trends were made. We have seen how apps give us control of our everyday life, whether it is turning on the lights, monitoring the security of our homes, controlling our ovens or thermostats and telling us if our milk is getting low or starting to spoil. This was just the beginning of how mobile is integrating into our everyday lives.

Mobile Apps KPI Basics

Many organizations use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to create measurable goals and strategies for their future success. Setting meaningful KPIs is important to every business. This helps to organization in a way that it provides a possibility to focus on doing work with the real impact.

Just like with other businesses, KPIs are necessary in the mobile app world as well.
Different mobile apps require different KPIs depending on their differences in function and target audience, but some basic understanding can go a long way in helping to make that decision.

Mobile BI: Native App vs Browser

The debate over which is better - native mobile apps or HTML or browser-based mobile apps - seems never-ending.

However, recent research from Aberdeen Group on Mobile Analytics shows that for some kind of apps, especially those that depend on deep data integration and off-line file access, the answer is more clear. So, in the case of mobile business intelligence or mobile analytics, this research on mobile analytics found that native are the best choice.