Mobile Apps Statistics

Marketing to women is a massive and growing industry. However, it doesn’t appear to have hit the world of mobile marketing in any really big way yet. But this will be changed soon.

It's a really big question why are app developers not marketing to women more.
As soon as marketers see the latest research from Apsalar, that’s certainly about to change.

The mobile analytics and advertising company studied its data pool of 500 million unique users across both Android and iOS. They found some really interesting differences in the way men and women use and buy mobile apps.

So here are the facts: Women install 40 percent more apps than men. Yes, that's a big difference! Also, women buy 17 percent more paid apps, and pay an astonishing 87 percent more for those apps!  In other words, everyone who want to make money selling apps, should think and focus on creating apps for women.



Top apps for women are the apps from the following categories:

  • Social media
  • News
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle
  • Books


Top apps for men are the apps from the following categories:

  • Business
  • Games
  • Navigation
  • Travel
  • Health & fitness

It's important to mention that men do lead in a couple of categories: mobile games and in-app spending. Also, men use business-related apps 85 percent more than women.

On the other side, women use social media apps a staggering 600 percent more than men, news apps 90 percent more, and productivity apps 89 percent more.

One other interesting difference: men use navigation apps a full 40 percent more than women.

These statistics provide an interesting insight for anyone who is into mobile app development. They should be taken seriously, in order to make your apps more profitable.

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